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What is the development of new materials industry?


What is the development of new materials industry?

New era and new materials, the 21st century is a changeable and colorful era, and new materials are playing an increasingly important role on the stage of this era. Materials are the basis of industrial development. Excellent materials can provide solid manufacturing and innovation basis for industrial manufacturing, and effectively promote the birth, growth and maturity of new technologies. With the help of new materials, automotive, intelligent robots, 3D printing, health care, architecture and 3C have been greatly improved.

In order to assist made in China 2025 and enhance the comprehensive strength of China's social cutting-edge science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology has launched relevant application specifications and policies around new materials, promoted the integration of new materials' own development and other fields' application, and accelerated the implementation of "industry university research" in various industries. The Ministry of industry and information technology has released relevant data on new materials, which shows that China's new material industry has a good development momentum, and the total industrial output value is expected to reach 10 trillion yuan by 2025; by 2035, the overall strength of China's new material industry will leap to the forefront of the world, and the development system of new material industry will be basically completed.

As far as the development status of China's new material industry is concerned, there are some problems in the industry, such as the slow transformation of the overall new and old kinetic energy, the arduous task of strict management and control of new production capacity, the low profit rate of the industry, the difficulty of financing and the aggravation of international trade friction.

Plastic industry is also deeply affected by new materials, so how can relevant enterprises take a share in such a large market?

Some people in the industry believe that if the plastic industry wants to develop itself with the help of the new material industry, it can start from the following aspects:

One is to promote the development and application of new materials in the plastic industry. We will implement the "seamless docking" between upstream and downstream enterprises, improve the construction of new material system in the plastic industry, achieve the integration of "production, learning and research", improve the level of industrial technology and science and technology as a whole, and realize the economic value of the industry. Industrialization of research results is one of the ports that new material industry must break through at present.

Second, the implementation of industrial scale. Through mergers and acquisitions, capacity index trading and other means to realize the intensive and large-scale transformation of the new material industry from "small, low and disorderly" to "large, high and uniform", accelerate the exit of uncompetitive capacity and prevent the risk of overcapacity. This can also deepen the industrial chain, improve the application rate of products, and realize the real high-end and technicalization of relevant industries.

The three is to integrate the Internet plus mode. Through information, computer, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, optimize the design and development of new materials, streamline the production process, integrate industrial resources, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. Enterprises should establish an information sharing platform, upgrade relevant computer software or replace integrated systems, and unite with high-quality Internet enterprises and vocational and technical colleges to enhance the technology and ability in this field.

Fourth, establish a healthy and standardized development environment. We will continue to implement the standardized management of industrial standards, establish industry authoritative organizations, formulate relevant industrial standards and indicators, form scientific and reasonable production and testing basis, and guide industrial development. The relevant government departments should timely update and release the information, guide the market and enterprises with the help of policies, and avoid the problems of high prices or large fluctuations for a long time.

Fifth, strengthen cooperation. Win win cooperation is the theme of economic development all over the world. Relevant enterprises should actively establish good cooperative relations with associations, organizations and institutions at home and abroad, so as to avoid political and economic marginalization of enterprises on the road of development; establish friendly commercial relations with automobile, 3C, medical and health enterprises across industries, and develop enterprise market; establish mutual assistance relationship with peer enterprises, learn from each other's strengths to improve each other wait.

In a word, enterprises should implement the government's development plan for the new material industry, do a good job in the standardization of the new material industry, establish and improve the standard system of the new material industry, promote the development of the new material industry, create new materials and technologies that can meet the development of the plastic industry, and implement them to the production Production line.

Source: HC Huicong plastic net